Home Improvement – Painting

In just a few years, traditional paint will flake and chip, then its time again to go through the hassle and expense of repainting your home. While putting home improvement task into play, if you are a home or a property owner, then you are forced to repaint homes every couple of years to keep up the new look which creates a lot of confusion when choosing among the options available.

The exterior of your home is the first view that people notice which should not be left outdated. Interior remodeling and adding accessories is beneficial to increase the value of your home but first, people should feel to walk through your door. Currently, warm earth tones are replacing the plain white or pastels of the 80′s and 90′s. Repainting your home interior with new fun filled fashion colors can be done by picking a floor dominant color in the room, like a piece of furniture or artwork that you want to keep as a focal point and blend other colors around it. For exterior match the color to the existing brick, stone or trim it accordingly. This will tell potential buyers that your home isn’t as old as its built date, but would surely give a fascinating look, increasing their interest to buy.

The color scheme in a room can dramatically turn your mood positive when you have good color combination of roof with flooring as you walk in. Colors are not just about change of ambiance, it would be a good idea to flavor your room colors according to the type of mood you would like to create when in the room. Bright colors like red and orange will energize your room, so better to choose these colors for your social and activity rooms. Yellow is another active color that stirs up your thoughts and brings out the creativity in you. Choose softer colors like blue, purple and green if you are going for a calm and quiet environment like in your bedrooms or bathrooms.

Getting people’s advice about what suits your home is important but it is you who would ultimately be living in your home, not them, so it’s important to go with colors you like while making the home remodeling. Make sure you listen to yourself more than them and follow your instincts to build your dream home.

Also, keep it simple, because too many colors will spoil the vibe. Think about sticking with one color and varying the shade of that color, and pick a color or shade that can blend in with almost anything. This is your piece of art, and you can use your furniture and drapery as accents.

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